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Danielle Bar

Tattoo artist based out of Toronto, Canada.


Danielle Bar is a tattoo artist based out of Toronto who’s been tattooing professionally since 2012. She specialises in black and grey photo-realistic tattoos out of her own private studio.

Her love for creating art began at a young age, when she decided to devote her life to it. Danielle went on to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design, where she majored in drawing and painting and graduated with a BA. This education played a significant role in shaping her as a tattoo artist.

Although she is well versed in various styles, Danielle always knew she wanted to concentrate on black and grey tattoos as, to her, they have a timeless quality that she has always been drawn to. In order to refine and hone her skills in this realm she has dedicated herself solely to this as her primary focus in recent years.

Aside from tattooing, Danielle travels frequently to broaden her sources of inspiration. Seeing other parts of the world always gets her excited to return home and translate the insight she’s gained into the tattoos she creates for her clients.


If you have any further questions that aren’t answered below, please head over to the contact page.


Once you are ready to move forward with your new tattoo, please refer to the contact page. You will receive an email immediately followed by instructions on how to proceed.

The information that will be required includes:

Detailed review of your idea
Reference images
Placement on the body
Photo of the placement area
Approximate size

Please direct inquiries through the contact page.

Yes. In order to reserve your appointment, you will need to place a non-refundable deposit of $100-$200. The deposit amount will be discounted from the final cost of the tattoo.

The required deposit amount is based on the project, and will be discussed during the inquiry process.

Once the deposit amount has been determined, a method will be discussed that best works for both you and artist.

Pricing varies depending on the project.
Smaller, single session projects are priced by the piece. That total will be determined and discussed prior to your appointment.

Larger pieces and projects that require more than 1 session are priced hourly at $200/hr.

Please keep in mind that each tattoo is unique, and the amount of time discussed beforehand is an estimate—please allow for some flexibility.

The more time that is allowed for the tattoo, the better the outcome.

The final drawing of your tattoo will be completed for your appointment day.

Ideas will be discussed beforehand to make sure that the client and artist are on the same page. If any changes to the final design are needed, they will made on your appointment day.

Books are closed and only book a few months at a time in order to make progress on ongoing pieces.

By closing the books and focusing on the work already ongoing, we are able to reduce wait times for new clients and projects.

When books reopen, the dates will be posted throughout the year when we are able to accept new clients. This information will be posted under News on the website and social media.

To be notified, please make sure to follow Danielle on social media. All links are posted on the site.

If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, please be courteous and give as much notice as possible.

Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Same-day cancellations will result in the loss of your deposit, and another deposit will be required to schedule a new appointment.

Clients Testimonials

Some kind words from past clients


Brian B

"What a master of her craft! Amazing talent with the black and grey! Currently have a large piece in progress and every appt remains intriguing, fulfilling and most importantly breathtaking! Love her vision and ability. "

Shanel Tiffanie Bourque

"There’s no words to explain how talented Danielle is. She’s so kind and has a gentle hand which makes it easy to endure hours of tattooing if you’re getting a huge piece. Will definitely be getting more tattoos done by her in the future! 🙂 "

Douglas Godinho

"Absolutely incredible work. Ever since learning about her work, I’m constantly amazed with what she can do. Anyone I hear considering a tattoo, I always show them her work so that they consider getting a piece done by her. "

Heather Foran

"Danielle is a master of realism art who to breathes true magic into her work. One of my most meaningful tattoos is a portrait of my mother in which she truly brought her back to life for me. I cannot express how grateful and fortunate I am to wear several of her beautiful creations. "

Stu Edwards

"Hands down – Danielle is by far one of THE most talented tattooists in Toronto. If you’re looking for world-class art then go see Ms. Bar! "

Who is Danielle Bar?

Danielle Bar is a tattoo artist based out of Toronto who’s been tattooing professionally since 2012. She specializes in black and grey photo-realistic tattoos out of her own private studio.

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